PWGen 2.9.0 – Download Free

PWGen should instantly become an essential application on your computer since with it you will get create totally strong passwords for any service that demands them. With PWGen you will be sure that your password will be really difficult to find out.

Create ultra-secure passwords

According to some parameters that the user can configure and others that the program itself is responsible for obtaining, the passwords may be more or less secure. Regarding its length and contents, PWGen allows you to indicate if you want results with uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, or even words.

The length of passwords resulting it won’t be a problem for PWGen since it can generate as many as necessary in a few moments, in addition, it is possible to encrypt the results and save the configurations.

One of the most interesting uses is to create a password to protect any Wi-Fi in a totally random way, so any software that tries to obtain it will have to spend days until it desists to find it.

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