QuickTextPaste 6.44 for Windows – Download

QuickTextPaste is an incredibly useful tool that will allow you to copy a large number of different texts without having to copy and paste one by one separately. If you find it too annoying not being able to copy more than one text at a time, this utility will allow you to create keyboard shortcuts for a large number of options and save you time doing this anodyne task.

This program is very easy to use and its interface is very simple, so you will have no problem working with it. In the main window you will see a series of folders with a note inside. All these notes are available for you to paste the text you want to copy anywhere, so you will be free to create as many options as you want to make sure you work with all your messages.

One of the great advantages of QuickTextPaste and what makes it such a comfortable program is that you can assign a keyboard shortcut to each of the notes so that you can memorize what combination of keys each text has to save you a lot of time. Click on your note and select which keys you want to use to paste the message you have entered inside.

Once you have everything pasted in the different notes, all you have to do is press the shortcut that you have indicated for each case and you will see how your text is pasted automatically. QuickTextPaste will help you save a great deal of time, especially if you work with more than one message and you have to switch between them to paste them anywhere.


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