QuiteRSS 0.19.4 for Windows – Download

QuiteRSS is an open source software designed to help you keep track of your RSS news. With this reader you can supervise the monitoring of all your news with an easy and fast use for any user.

QuiteRSS adds all your RSS links without limitations, being able to export or import your sources from wherever you want and update them both at the beginning of the session and by timer. This application also allows you to filter your favorites, unread links and tag the news in different categories.

With an integrated browser, the reading of your feeds will have a comfortable visualization adapting the space occupied by the preview to your liking with the option of activating or deactivating the images that accompany the news.

In addition to being able to configure the roxy server automatically or manually, QuiteRSS will show you the counter of new or unread news in the tray icon, not missing any publication of your RSS feeds.


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