QuiteRSS Portable 0.19.4 for Windows

We follow more and more sources of information and keeping up to date with different pages at the same time can be a task that takes us hours, so feeds are a great option to quickly access the news of your favorite pages.

QuiteRSS Portable is a practical RSS reader that you can take anywhere and be aware of any news in the feeds you follow. You can import your feeds from another application or export them to use them with another reader.

You can quickly add any feed and organize them into categories so that it is easier for you to have everything organized to your liking, so that you can create, for example, folders for pages about Cinema, Videogames, Technology …

The application is minimized to the system tray and informs us when there is something new. We can also mark the different news with a series of labels with which we can group our favorites, the ones we need for work, the ones we want to read later or whatever you want. So if you follow many news sources and want to have them all in a single, lightweight and free application, you only have to download QuiteRSS Portable.


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