R-project 4.0.3 – Download Free

S is a programming language used mostly by all kinds of scientists, from chemists or mathematicians to biologists or statesmen. From it, new alternatives have appeared, such as R, which is mainly focused on performing statistical calculations.

If you are a science professional, you may be able to take advantage of R-project

In order to create applications and perform all kinds of calculations under this sensational language, it is necessary to have a development environment specially adapted to him, as may be R-project. It is a program with a very sober and gray appearance, designed to create statistical and graphical analyzes.

This application is usually used in the fields of biomedical research, financial mathematics or microinformatics, among many other branches of science.

By providing a wide range of statistical tools, it is possible to perform linear models, time series analysis, sort and grouping functions, and graphics, among other things.

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