Registry Backup 3.5.3 for Windows

Registry Backup is a very easy-to-use program, thanks to which we will be able to make a backup copy of our system’s registry, using the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service. In this way, with just one click and in less than a minute, we can have our backup perfectly stored.

From the main tab of Registry Backup we can choose exactly which registry files we want to backup. Also, next to each of the log files we can see its size. By default they will all be checked, but we can deselect any of them with a single click.

In the options menu we can adjust some interesting parameters. We can choose the output directory for our log file and, more importantly, we can automate the deletion of old backups. The most interesting thing about the matter is that we ourselves can choose with how many days we consider that a backup is old and therefore it must be deleted. Of course, we can also automate the ‘backups’ for certain days at certain times.

Registry Backup is an easy-to-use program that takes up very little space on the hard disk, and in this ‘portable’ version, it will also allow us to run it directly from a USB memory.


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