1.4.1 – Download Free is an application that allows you to quickly erase the background of an image. Just open the photo with your file explorer or drag it over its interface and click to execute the deletion process.

Remove the background from any image in a few moments

This software can remove the background from any image in seconds. In this way, you can isolate the main element (s) of an image to use them later. with other image editing programs, whatever the type: selfie, panoramic, aerial, underwater …

This software is 100% automatic and saves time compared to other applications that require more time by having to manually select the areas to remove. It stands out for its simplicity although, yes, it will require obtaining a password to function. To do this, you must register as a user from the same application: the free version offers 3 credits or, what is the same, 3 work sessions with the program.

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