Revo Uninstaller 4.4.0 – Download Free

With Revo Uninstaller you will be able to get rid in a clean and orderly way of any program that you have installed on your computer. This uninstallation tool allows you to delete any program and leave no trace of the software, but offering more advantages than the application itself to uninstall programs that Windows incorporates, such as the possibility of creating operating system restore points.

The best tool to uninstall programs

With this application we can uninstall any program more comfortably and easily than with the option to Add or Remove Programs Windows. But not only that, but it is also useful to manage the applications that are launched at system startup, obtain information about each of the programs that we have installed on the computer, check the status of each application, etc.

More efficient than the Windows Control Panel.

Another curious option available is the way Hunter which leaves the application minimized, running in the background. When we hover over any utility, it will turn into a target, providing a list of options from which we can easily uninstall it.

Main features

We will find the following range of functions:

  • Manual application uninstaller.
  • Uninstaller by force.
  • Quick and multiple uninstall: remove multiple programs at once.
  • Way Hunter.
  • System to create backup copies at different levels.
  • Creation of database of records of deleted programs.
  • Includes extra cleaning tools.

Here we are offering you the free version of this software, which is also translated into Spanish. However there is a version Pro Full, which you can use for a month as a trial. This is the one that incorporates all the mentioned functions while the Free It offers uninstallation, scanning of the remains of previous installations, cleaning tools and the possibility of using it in portable mode on a pendrive.

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