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If we look for a platform where children and not so children find million games developed by other users we must try Roblox. It is an environment in which you can access with a user account and where there are games of all kinds.

Halfway between LEGO and Minecraft

The graphic aspect of their games is reminiscent on the one hand of these two popular games, the construction and sandbox that is all the rage on PCs and smartphones. The reason is none other than the aesthetics of blocks that predominate in the creations. You will find in it dozens of categories of games that you can play in multiplayer mode: adventure, role-playing, racing, flight simulators … in fact you can play a version of Pokémon GO for PC that adapts the original experience to an adventure type format for the computer.

Have fun with other people’s games or creating your own.

The truth is not far from many of the type games sandbox Since you go through 3D worlds where you have to explore, make items, collect resources and fight, although you can also find all kinds of mini-games. In addition, the characters can be characterized with different elements, even creating their own clothing.

Main features

This peculiar gaming platform offers the following features:

  • More than 15 million games created by users.
  • Possibility to play them in massively multiplayer mode.
  • Great variety of games.
  • Editor to capture your own ideas.
  • Graphic appearance similar to block games.
  • Customize your avatar.
  • Send messages and chat with your friends.

Compatible with different platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox any game can be played from other devices. Of course, as you can imagine in an environment like this in which everyone uploads their games, you will find good quality titles and others that… well. The best thing is that you let yourself be carried away by the evaluations of the rest of the users.

And it must be borne in mind that it is a platform of which in 2016 they were part of it more than 30 million active players, of which 5 million were also creators. That resulted in more than 300 million hours of play … we can therefore get an idea of ​​the magnitude that as a leisure and entertainment space it offers Roblox.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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