RosarioSIS 7.5 for Windows – Download

RosarioSIS is a practical management system from which we can organize each of the important academic data such as our grades or the calendars to be met.

RosarioSIS will allow us to keep student grades, schedules, attendance, charges, food service, etc. in order through modules. However, this will not only be adapted to the academic data of the little ones, but it will be equally useful (and necessary) in any educational institution such as academies, institutes or universities.

This app manages to distinguish itself from other programs of the same style thanks to its great compatibility with tablets and practically any smartphone, as well as being translated into Spanish, French, German, Bulgarian and even Cambodian. And, contrary to what happens in many other virtual platforms, in this case most of its add-ons are guaranteed for any user for free. All this thanks to its free software specially designed to be of help in many countries where paying licenses on academic data management platforms is not always possible.

RosarioSIS is a tool that will be useful to practically any student, thanks to which they will have organized each of their academic data that they can access from any device or PC whenever they need it.


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