RPCS3 0.0.13-11409 Alpha for Windows

RPCS3 is a powerful Playstation 3 emulator, thanks to which we will be able to play a good part of the catalog of Sony’s third desktop console without complications. On the official website we will find a complete compatibility list, which will indicate which titles work perfectly, which ones work with problems, and which ones do not work at all. In any case, we can play more than a thousand different titles. Yes, PS3 has a very extensive catalog.

Setting up RPCS3 is a relatively long process, but not at all complex. The first thing will be to download the ‘firmware’ of the console, which we can do from the quick start guide itself. Once we have installed the ‘firmware’, we will only have to load our own PS3 games to the emulator, through an assisted process that will only take a few minutes.

The last step before starting to play with RPCS3 will be to customize our graphic options and configure the controls. Depending on how powerful our computer is, we can choose a graphic quality and a resolution, or others. In the same way, if we have a PS3 controller connected to the computer, we can use it to play; but otherwise we will have to configure another command or use the keyboard.

RPCS3 is an excellent Playstation 3 emulator, offering a convenient and affordable solution to enjoy all our PS3 games on PC. In just ten minutes we can have the emulator fully configured and ready to run any title from the extensive console catalog.


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