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PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has proven to be a huge hit with online multiplayer action games, as is Fortnite. However, not everything begins and ends in these two titles if we think about shooters Battle Royale type. There are alternatives that have little or nothing to envy them, such as Rust.

Survive in a world of rust and decay

What we are going to find in this game will remind us of FPS like Fallout, where we travel through a world ravaged by nuclear war. Well, something like that we are going to find in this game for Windows. In fact, as the name suggests, they will be many rusty and worn constructions that we are going to find in some scenarios recreated with high graphic quality.

The purpose is the usual in these games: we are alone against everyone and we have to survive whatever it takes. So not only are we going to fight our adversaries, but also hunger, thirst and cold are going to try to make a dent in our character. For that we cannot neglect building a shelter, going hunting animals or lighting a good bonfire to warm us.

Looking for a good alternative to PUBG? Here you have it.

Our enemies will try to hunt us down, just like we will try to hunt them down. However we can always build alliances with other players and try to raise a small town to help us defend ourselves with guarantees. At our fingertips we will have all kinds of weapons and even vehicles.

This game, like a good Battle Royale, basically mixes two types of game: the aforementioned shooters or shooting games, and other survival adventures in which we could classify Minecraft. In fact, as in the success of Mojang, we will start from scratch and have to manage to craftear weapons and tools.

Of course, if we want to play fluently, we will have to have a computer that meets the somewhat demanding requirements: Intel i7 processor or AMD equivalent, 16 GB of RAM memory and GTX 980 or AMD R9 Fury graphics card.

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