S.O.S Security Suite for Windows

SOS Security Suite is a very complete tool perfect to protect our PC from any type of virus. With this program we can scan our computer in search of problems that may put the security of the system at risk and make sure to eliminate them forever as well as protect ourselves in the future by avoiding the download of suspicious elements, for example.

This tool has several functions divided into windows where we can find each of the functions. Thus, in the first tab we will have all the information related to the PC, such as the data of our operating system, graphics, processor or hard drives, among others. From this window we will have the possibility to start the complete scan to help us locate problems of any kind.

The second window will help us to carry out a personalized scan to locate elements that could put the system at risk. From the browser we use every day to the folders we have forgotten; SOS Security Suite will tell us if we store files with some kind of threat. The only thing we will have to do is select those options that we need at all times and let the process finish.

Finally, through the rest of the options we can improve the use of the tool to make it our daily life saver. With it we will have the possibility to protect ourselves against any threat without the need to make any extra adjustments. With SOS Security Suite we can perform optimization, maintenance and repair tasks of the system with just a couple of clicks. In a matter of minutes our PC will be like new again.


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