Samsung Smart Switch 4.2 for Windows

Samsung Smart Switch is the official Samsung program to transfer all the information from an Android device to our new Samsung device. Thanks to this wizard for Windows, we can do it in a comfortable, fast and simple way. The only thing we will need is a computer with a WiFi connection or, if possible, a cable to connect Android devices to the computer itself.

The procedure to use Samsung Smart Switch is very simple. We just have to make the backup copy of the Android device from which we want to get the information, and then connect our new Samsung device to the computer. Once we do, we can choose exactly what content we want to transfer: call history, videos, messages, images, ringtones, applications, and even alarms or data from WiFi connections.

Samsung Smart Switch is a very useful program, thanks to which we can comfortably transfer all the information from one Android device to the other, using our usual computer as an intermediary. Again, the easiest and safest way to do this is a USB cable. If we have one at hand, we can finish transferring information in just five minutes, without unnecessary headaches.


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