Sandboxie 5.45.2 for Windows – Download

Sandboxie is a program that allows you to isolate any program from the rest of the elements on the network. To do this, it allows creating a ‘sandbox’ that acts as a virtual space totally separated from the rest of the operating system processes, preventing the software in question from interacting with the rest of its elements and, therefore, reducing possible risks should you run malicious code.

Sandboxie is capable of intercepting changes in files and in the system registry on the fly. In fact, it will create a change log of the attempts to write or interact with other external elements of the system by the application that we have isolated. With this, we can use said program without any limitation as if we were executing it normally.

If we are users who download a large amount of software and we do not want the system registry and the local folder system to fill with garbage, Sandboxie is a good option to preserve our clean equipment even if we fill it with programs, they are of doubtful origin or no. It is not a typical antivirus or firewall, but unlike other more cumbersome and resource-consuming sandboxing methods, it offers us a real alternative for mid-level users.


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