Saving Gal prototype for Windows

Saving Gal is an educational game with 16-bit aesthetics, in which players will have to try to rescue Gal, a cute little dog who has been lost inside a cursed dungeon. Luckily, we will be able to control Pipo, his best friend, whom we will have to help get inside the dungeon.

Saving Gal’s game system is designed to help the little ones with their math studies. Thus, to advance through the cursed dungeon we will have to solve a series of increasingly complex mathematical problems. For example, at the beginning we will have to move an amount of square equal to the sum of several numbers. As we move forward, however, we will have to solve somewhat more complex problems. We will even have to face each other with the odd square root.

Saving Gal is a simple and fun educational game, aimed at young people between ten and twelve years old, who can have fun playing while learning math. The game is also in both Spanish and English, so it can even be used to improve your knowledge of either of these two languages.


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