Scratch 3.18.1 for Windows – Download

Scratch is a free application for Windows with which we can easily generate our own graphic animations. Its controls are so easy to use that even a child could handle the program. In fact, that is the main asset of this program, serving as an entry point for the little ones to learn to develop small sequential algorithms with which to start in the world of programming

The animations are generated based on objects (backgrounds, images, graphics generated from the program), which we will have to program to perform their corresponding function through a simple drag and drop system in which we drag the elements in a kind of pseudo -programming language with which to become familiar with the creation of software.

Programming these actions is not complicated at all, since we have a graphical editor of functions to be performed that will greatly reduce the difficulties when programming movements, reproducing sounds and modifying the behavior of objects. We can create as many objects as we want, as well as edit the available backgrounds and use them to our liking. It is clear that the visual language Scratch is designed for the educational field, and in fact it is endorsed by several institutions and experts regarding the insertion of computing habits in young people.

Games, animations, representations … everything is possible thanks to Scratch, even if we do not have programming knowledge. In fact, you will end up having them thanks to their proposal.


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