SeaMonkey Portable 2.53.6 for Windows

If you already knew the SeaMonkey suite of tools, now comes the portable version that does not leave behind any of its components: browser, email, chat and HTML editor.

SeaMonkey Portable is a product of the Mozilla foundation that brings together all these functions under the same arm, giving a complete and practical result that includes all the necessary applications to start browsing the Internet.

SeaMonkey’s portable browser also stands out for integrating a translator into the pages; by its manager of cookies, images, pop ups and forms; and of course various web development tools: error console, JAVA console, DOM inspector, and Javascript debugger. SeaMonkey Portable also has an RSS and News reader and can expand its possibilities with extensions for this browser.

The email client allows you to compose messages and include all kinds of HTML tags in the body of the text, as well as integrating a contact list.

Thanks to SeaMonkey Portable you can always carry Firefox and other Mozilla products with you on your USB memory.


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