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Virtual reality games have become popular as of late, and all largely due to the emergence of Second Life. This title offers you the possibility of create a character or avatar that represents us in a parallel virtual reality, where we can take a second life.

Al download Second Life free you will discover an innovative virtual reality game that integrates the concepts of community, social networks and communication. In essence, you must create your own virtual character and interact with the rest of the users of this parallel reality.

Second Life Features

  • Virtual reality game in 3 dimensions modifiable thanks to the fact that its code is free.
  • Unique settings, some based on real cities like Dublin or Tokyo. Explore the stage with complete freedom traveling in all kinds of means of transport.
  • Connect with people from all over the world and go to all kinds of social events, such as concerts or shows, museums or theaters. You have a calendar so you don’t miss any act.
  • Participate in the parallel economy of Second Life with Linden dollars.
  • Generate your own code yourself and create virtual businesses of any kind.
  • Create your own character or avatar selecting even the smallest detail or feature.
  • Get familiar with controlling your character on the welcome island.

Your other me

Start playing Second Life in Spanish it’s totally free, but if you are interested in getting part of the land or taking advantage of services and objects from this world, you will have to create a payment account, a collaboration system that serves as support to the developers and their project. In any case, many things in Second Life they are free, so your fun, without money involved, is assured.

When downloading Second Life in Spanish you will be able to enjoy the most successful virtual reality game in the entire world. Millions of people already have their own character. Do not stay out of the game, create your avatar and be part of the virtual reality of Second Life. Now you can download Second Life free and be part of the largest virtual community in the world.

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