SEO Spyglass 6.50.7 for Windows

If you dedicate yourself to the world of programming and live off your web pages, you will know how important it is to have a good position in the main search engines.

To improve this positioning, webmasters often carry out procedures and improvements for the optimization of search results known as SEO techniques.

But the use of these techniques is as essential as knowing the position of the competition in the search engines themselves. To help you in this task, SEO Spyglass appears, an effective tool with which you can control the situation of other portals in the same sector.

The program uses several search engines including the different international versions of Google, Yahoo or MSN Search. You just have to insert your website and that of the competition, establish several comparison criteria and wait. In a few minutes you will have a complete report on your web positioning.

Thanks to SEO SpyGlass, you will also be able to know your pagerank on Google and Alexa.


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