Session 1.4.9 for Windows – Download

Session is a program for Windows through which we can send messages to contacts who also use this communication platform. Through an ‘end-to-end’ encryption system, the tool allows us to exchange information in complete privacy. Something very important in times when security has been compromised in certain well-known programs.

The Session interface is very intuitive and we can manage the conversations we have open at all times. In the left area we will have a small toolbar that will be accompanied by a column in which the chats will be displayed. From here we can enter each message or open a new window to chat with a different user.

How could it be otherwise, Session also allows us to form groups to converse with up to 100 users. In the same way, we will be the ones who will have to authorize other people to add us to a group conversation. In any case, everything on this platform is designed so that our privacy is not compromised. In fact, to start a conversation we must enter the alphanumeric ID of each user.

Session also has a function through which we can send audios or multimedia files. Similarly, we will have a box that will allow us to access the list of available emojis that will help us to give a more visual touch to the messages.

Session is a multiplatform messaging tool through which we will communicate with other people in private chats or through groups. With flag security, all information we transfer is end-to-end encrypted to safeguard our privacy.


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