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Until recently, identifying a song that we liked in an advertisement, on the radio or in a bar depended largely on how lucky we were to be with someone who knew what it was playing or to hear the announcer on duty say what it was about. That uncertainty ended with Shazam, the music identification and recognition app developed for Android and iPhone that we can now also use on our Windows PC.

Although we may think that the natural environment of this software is an app version for mobile phones, the truth is that it can also be used on a PC. Think that you can be watching TV with your laptop in front of you, listening to the radio or watching a movie or series on Netflix and suddenly a song you like sounds: What song is it? Nothing, press the button and find out instantly.

Press the button and wait: it recognizes any song in moments.

In the same way as in the versions for smartphone and tablet, it is an application that you can download and use for free and that immediately connects you to its online database to offer you all the data of the song (name, author, album …) and also the way you can download it in MP3 (legal download, of course). And it works exactly the same as the mobile version because this download offers you precisely the APK file and an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

The reason to resort to this somewhat crappy solution is because the developers of Shazam they decided remove your software from the Windows Store in early 2017 after releasing it just 2 years earlier. Therefore, there is no longer any native version for Microsoft’s operating system, although there are many online alternatives that fulfill the role such as Midomi or TuneFind.

Main features of Shazam for PC

  • Recognize and identify any tune: songs from the radio, announcements, soundtracks …
  • Access your video on YouTube.
  • Enjoy the lyrics of your favorite songs.
  • Share your activity and discoveries on Facebook, email, Twitter, SMS …
  • Read album reviews and artist biographies.
  • Use the application while browsing or simultaneously with other applications.
  • Most identified song lists.
  • User profile with activity history.

A personalized experience

One of the advantages offered by the application is that of the user area that makes the experience more personalized thanks to the fact that we have the music history identified with the application. At the same time we can make this history public, so that we will see which users have used Shazam to identify that same song as well as the rest of the songs where they have used it: you can discover music with users whose tastes match yours.

What’s new in the latest version

  • It allows you to configure ‘Shazam at startup’ so that every time the application is opened, the app starts working directly.

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