Shutter Encoder 14.5 for Windows

Shutter Encoder is an encoding software with which we can convert images, videos and audio files with different codecs, replacing the audio, recording on DVD, analyzing the audio volume or downloading web videos, among many other options.

The Shutter Encoder interface is so intuitive that any operation we perform will be a quick and simple task. This has a panel that contains numerous settings with which we can perfect the output of our videos or audios thanks to its predefined parameters. So much so that, in the case of editing audios or videos, we can choose the parts we need thanks to the ‘entry and exit point’ tool. We can choose both points by writing our own time code or by using the button frame by frame.

On the other hand, we can also get the most out of our images with Shutter Encoder, modifying the colorimetry settings to give even more life to their tones. Likewise, we will have the possibility of quickly cropping both our images and videos by defining their frame with precision. Other useful functions are to incorporate .srt subtitles in multiple video formats, being able to define the font, color or sizes that we want. Although, the real advantage of this tool is that we can launch our work in different formats and even send them directly through WeTransfer without the need for a premium account.

Shutter Encoder is a great utility from which we can edit our audio, video or photographs clips and encode them in the format we need. All this in a simple, fast and efficient way.


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