Signal Private Messenger 1.39.4 – Download Free

It has been a long time since privacy in communications is a major concern between Internet users. If it is also yours and you want to talk to your contacts anonymously and privately, there are services such as Signal Private Messenger, messaging and private chat from the browser.

Signal Private Messenger Desktop, private despite using your phone number

This app says maintain your anonymity despite using your real phone number and your address book. It has the following characteristics:

  • Send text messages to individual or group contacts, pictures or video messages.
  • Encriptado end-to-end.
  • System for organizing messages and conversations.
  • Private calls via VoIP protocol.

Private alternative to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

Compared to other apps that do not make privacy and encryption of communications their flag, it stands as an alternative against them. Regarding its mode of operation, it is similar in some cases: we need to have the app installed on iPhone or Android to be able to use your desktop client by reading a QR code.

Endorsed by specialists in security and privacy in the network.

Open Whisper Systems is the company behind this development that is already present on Android and iPhone and that you can now also use on the Windows desktop. Characters like Edward Snowden and other technology and security specialists like Matt Green, Bruce Schneier or Laura Poitras endorse the use of this tool on the PC.

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