Simple Disable Key 12.3 for Windows

Simple Disable Key is an interesting application that will allow you to eliminate the function of any key on your computer keyboard, as well as permanently activate the ‘num lock’, ‘caps lock’ or ‘scroll lock’.

Wanting to deactivate a specific key on our keyboard can be due to various causes: that one of them is broken and is automatically pressed continuously, that we want to limit access to the task manager to PC users or that certain shortcuts are not available in specific programs. For whatever reason, Simple Disable Key will allow us to fully customize which keys can and cannot be used. These limitations can be general or apply to specific computer programs that we want.

Programming the Simple Disable Key functions is very simple; we will simply have to choose which key to deactivate, select during the execution of which program we want to be deactivated and accept the configuration. This configuration can be eliminated at any time without causing a major problem in case we no longer need these restrictions, re-activating all the original functions of our keyboard.


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