Simple Firewall 4.0.0 Free Download for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Easy Firewall Is a simple and straightforward firewall tool to help you add an extra layer of security and safety to your computer while browsing the Internet.

Today the internet is full of potential threats and pitfalls. Whenever you download files from a website, you need to make sure that the provider is legitimate, or that you run into problems with viruses and Trojan horses.

This is when a good security system on your computer is important to stay safe when you download these files.

Easy Firewall Is a program that adds an extra layer of security to your online browsing. This will help you to avoid various threats that you may encounter on the internet as it will prevent Trojan horses, keyloggers and other viruses that can harm both you and your computer.

Four modes of use

When you log in to this firewall you will notice that the user interface is designed for beginners. It is suitable for anyone who has minimal knowledge and skills when it comes to computers. In the main window you will see all the options available to you – without tabs, when opening additional windows.

Instead, you can select any of the sections in the top GUI. First, you will enter the default mode that is available to you from the start. Here you can see all the internet websites, or you can choose which one to view. You can create exceptions through this mode.

There is also a whitelist mode that blocks all Internet access except those websites that you can safely identify. This mode is perfect if you want to make sure all websites are safe. There is also a Firewall shutdown – this is an unsafe option that you can choose when visiting all the desired websites.

Finally, you can select Internet Blocking Mode, which disconnects all Internet connections. This mode is suitable when you want to completely block Internet access if your children are browsing the Internet and do not want them to view it.

Strong security solution

Another great feature of this app is that it protects you from harmful files that could potentially damage your computer. When downloading a lot of files from the internet, this option is very important.

This will help you detect potential threats as it scans files on your computer and downloads files from the Internet. This way you can make sure that you only download files that are safe for you and your computer.


Easy Firewall This is just what the name says – it is a relatively simple firewall tool that has four modes to help you stay safe while using the Internet.

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