Simplenote 2.4.0 for Windows – Download

There are many tools to take text annotations, but most of them sin of adding too many functionalities and becoming too cumbersome and heavy when all we want is to save some reminders to be able to find them easily. Simplenote is a benchmark in its field and its hallmark is precisely what gives it its name: simple annotations.

The program allows us to create text notes that we can save as a reminder, being able to associate a series of tags for later search and easy cataloging. To this feature must be added the fact that Simplenote is multiplatform and is synchronized through your user account, so we can access all our notes from any device, existing both the desktop client and web client, app for iOS and Android as well as Mac and Linux among many other minor ones.

There are very few additional features that we are going to find, although they are not uninteresting for that reason. It is possible to carry out a version control of the text, simultaneous online editing between several users and even publish our text on the Internet automatically, generating a unique URL by Simplenote’s own servers.

Simplenote, the most efficient tool for taking notes

Note-taking tools are out there, but it seems that it is a front that tends to fatten until its true functionality is blurred. Keep It Simple, Stupid, they say. Giants like OneNote or EverNote have become true monsters with all kinds of functionalities that are not exactly to the liking of many -including the subscriber. Simplenote is a benchmark when it comes to note-taking tools that, although it has been behind it for several years, has preserved that simplicity that is its hallmark while still including interesting news.

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