Six-Guns 2.9.7a – Download Free

In true Clint Eastwood style, Buck Crosshaw is an outlaw from the Wild West who travels the mountains of Arizona and Oregon on horseback fleeing from his pursuers. In Six-Guns you will have to help him face his enemies and bandits belonging to the field of the paranormal.

Gunmen and bandits stalk you … but also zombies and vampires.

Here we will find ourselves in the 19th century American West, that frontier territory where the law was applied at gunpoint. With graphics and an impressive setting, we will enjoy a game that mixes the usual stories of the film genre of the western with those of terror. Ultimately we will face both rustlers and bandits as dangerous beings from beyond the grave.


  • Action game that mixes the genres of western and terror.
  • Face off against outlaw characters and paranormal beings.
  • More than 40 different missions.
  • Unlockable items like horses, weapons, ammo, outfits, and other items.

Get this action game now and have fun conjugating an action-packed western with a creepy horror.

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