SketchUp Pro 2021 21.0.391 – Download Free

Google distributed software of design and 3D modeling that under the baton of the popular search engine he made his own name in the industry. Now SketchUp, how is the program known, is owned by Trimble, another company dedicated to these purposes, who is responsible for distributing the product and continuing to satisfy the wishes of 3D design professionals.

The pleasure of drawing by hand. The ease of super-smart 3D modeling software.

The main characteristic of this great software is that the user can make 3D designs in a simple way and learn all that is necessary to use each of its tools through the design and modeling video tutorials available. With it, you will be able to conceptualize and model 3D images of constructions and buildings, objects, people and anything else that is needed thanks to its complete gallery of images, objects and textures included.

Main features of SketchUp

  • Design 3D models quickly and accurately.
  • Includes Layout, a tool that works separately from 2D documentation and presentation very useful for combining 3D designs with text.
  • Contains the tool Style Builder for creating edge styles for models SketchUp user.
  • Work in an organized way through layers and schemes.
  • Create extrusions and turned shapes.
  • Use a wide palette of colors and textures, apply shadows, etc.
  • Different options for viewing projects through the navigation tools: make sections to see its interior, save specific points of view, generate animations …
  • Import 3DS files, images in JPG, TIFF, PNG and PDF formats.
  • Export images raster in TIFF, JPEG and PNG format.
  • Import and export files DXF y DWG in various types of format.

3D design within reach of a large audience

If a program wants to win over the general public, it needs to be intuitive and easy to use. Under this premise they have developed SketchUp. The user can focus on the edges and faces to create objects and see how the software quickly transforms the 2D models to 3D using its tools.

In addition, it has a integrated mapping and geolocation system, a 3D building modeler or the “Adapt photo” function, which makes it easy to create projects from images.

After installing the program, you will be able to start creating 3D models, starting from a plan or directly creating 3D projects, with the guarantee of a leading product in its category. This is a trial version, but if you really take advantage of it, you can always get a license.

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