SketchUp Pro 2021 – Download Free

SketchUp Pro is Trimble’s proposition in the field of design and creation of 3-dimensional structures and models. Very powerful software that offers great ease of use, making it a highly recommended alternative if you work in this field.

3D modeling for everyone.

Born from the success of SketchUp (a software designed so that anyone could create their buildings and enter them in Google Earth), this version delves into its functions, offering much more advanced features in the design but without overwhelming the user, which is the case with other CAD design tools, with rendering software or with programs for construction and engineering.


  • Design and generate your models in 3D.
  • Includes Layout, a 2D presentation and documentation tool capable of combining 3D designs and text as well.
  • Contains Style Builder, a utility for creating edge styles for SketchUp models.
  • Add geolocation elements to your models.
  • “Adapt photo” function to create models from real constructions.
  • Optimized 3D building modeler.
  • New set of solid tools.
  • Look at small thumbnails of the model’s scenes.

A weighty alternative

After download Sketchup Pro You can start creating 3D models, either starting from a plan or directly creating 3D projects with the guarantee of a leading product in its category. This is a trial version but, if you really take advantage of it, you will always have time to obtain a professional license for SketchUp.

Download SketchUp Pro, let your imagination flow and Make 3D modeling child’s play.

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