Skype Portable for Windows

Skype uses the peer2peer technology developed by the authors of Kazaa to perfectly simulate the behavior of a telephone, making it possible for you to chat with your friends with the same reliability and sound quality as if it were a telephone terminal.

Skype can call ordinary telephones, both landlines and mobile phones, in addition to your contacts who have Skype, and all with a very simple operation (you will not have to configure anything) and fast (its authors affirm that it offers even more quality than a telephone call ).

The program is completely free and does not add any advertising. With Skype you will hear the typical telephone sounds, it will communicate if the contact you are calling is talking on Skype and you will be able to pick up and hang up the calls you receive. In short, the closest thing to calling for free … yes, not to phones but to your Skype contacts.

Furthermore, thanks to this portable version, you will be able to use the program from any portable storage device such as a pendrive without having to install anything on the PC where you are going to use it.

Skype now available from the web browser

It seems that desktop applications are doomed to die out in favor of cloud-interactive web tools. Now it is the turn of Skype, which has just launched a new version of its client through the browser. Although it is currently only available in the United States and the United Kingdom, it is fully functional in any other country using a VPN.

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