Slack 4.12.0 – Download Free

The field of the workspace is one of the areas that is being put more emphasis when developing applications that improve productivity. Slack tries to become the definitive tool in this regard, offering solutions to communication in the office.

A professional communication system

The application helps to create a space between co-workers that enables fluid communication. For this, it has a series of functions:

  • Creation of channels and groups for the different projects.
  • Ability to chat and share files in real time.
  • Notifications push, both by mail and at the desk.
  • Contextualized text search tools in conversations.
  • Integration with other applications such as Dropbox, Hangouts and Twitter.
  • Synchronization with all devices.

Maximum simplicity in your communications within work.

As it cannot be otherwise, a simple design has been applied to the interface, with soft colors and lines. But the most interesting is in the various details linked to any of the actions that take place in Slack: messages, files, sending times … all of them can be consulted in depth to help that any aspect related to the work can be easily located and retrieved.

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