SlideDog 2.1.5 – Download Free

It is possible that when making a presentation to an audience it is necessary to use various multimedia resources. PowerPoints, PDFs, images, pages web or videos are some of them, so if you need a tool that is compatible with all of them, capable of unifying them under a single interface and also doing it in a professional and elegant way, try downloading SlideDog.

What can SlideDog do?

First of all this software he is able to make a playlist of all the documents you may needregardless of its format, simply dragging the files over it and establishing the order that suits you. At that moment everything will be ready to be dually reproduced because it incorporates support for a second output device such as a projector, without degrading its quality one iota.

Greater professionalism for your presentations.


  • Create file playlists for public presentations.
  • Compatibility with PowerPoint, PDF and Prezi documents as well as video, pages web and images.
  • Support for remote control and sharing in real time.
  • Guarantees the file integrity.
  • Support for dual play for different output devices.
  • Projection time setting on-screen static documents.

Better organize meetings, events, public readings, conferences or product presentations with a single multimedia presentation tool with SlideDog.

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