Slimjet (64-bit) for Windows

Slimjet is a web browser based on the Blink engine developed in Chromium, on which Google Chrome is based, so you will find a utility almost identical to the Google tool, to which several extra functions have been added to help you reduce loading speed, cut the time you need to locate a website and maximize your productivity in a comfortable and affordable way.

In the first place, and unless you modify the home tab, Slimjet will provide you with a list of the twelve most visited websites or those for which you have wanted to create a shortcut to facilitate your search. In any case, the autocomplete that the browser includes will allow you to locate any page visited just by entering two letters. On the other hand, since all external plugins are the same as in Chrome, you will be able to locate those that you already use in that browser without having to crawl on any page. Its extensive customization is one of the highlights, since any user can create a tool according to their own needs and adapt them over time in just two clicks.

On the other hand, Slimjet includes automatic protection against electronic fraud, and an extra privacy that will allow you to navigate without fear on any website without fear of being stolen or accessing private information. Following this protection process, this tool includes a password manager that will store in a safe place all your starts on social networks or other websites, so that if you ever need to recover one, you will only have to request that the information be sent to your email. electronic.

Along with other more or less remarkable functions that make your life easier when using Slimjet, this browser has a unique function that will save you time when accessing any of your websites. This tool works in such a way that by introducing short aliases instead of the full URL, the page can be opened directly, without having to go through the search engine on duty. Speed, comfort and security in a single browser.

Slimjet Browser, a lightweight browser for Windows

Recently Microsoft has warned the furthest behind to retire Internet Explorer those who at this point are still using versions lower than 11 after having ended its extended support. The problem is that, although many continue to use it out of mere ignorance, others do so because they cannot find a lightweight alternative that works decently on their old PC. For these unfortunates, there are browsers such as Slimjet Browser, an interesting compact alternative based on Chromium, releasing much of the burden that its older brother Google Chrome carries.

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