Smart Defrag for Windows

One of the virtues of Smart Defrag is its ability to defragment several disk drives at the same time, but it is not the only one. This tool is capable of optimizing the location of local files in such a way that it reserves the disk area with the fastest access to the most used files.

The program also has a function called Auto Defrag that is responsible for defragmenting the selected disk drives when the computer experiences low CPU usage. Smart Defrag itself allows you to schedule defragmentation and turn off the computer automatically when the process is complete. In this way, the program becomes an excellent alternative to the traditional Windows defragmentation tool, offering greater efficiency and with a considerably reduced consumption of resources.

In addition, in its latest versions it has adopted a new defragmentation engine that consumes fewer resources and makes it practically invisible when running in the background, achieving a faster and more stable process.It also includes support for SSD disks with which to improve the performance of these , and adopt a new professional video game defragmentation technology to improve data loading.


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