SnagIt for Windows – Download

SnagIt is the solution you were looking for to be able to capture any item on your desktop. The difference with most screen capturers is that this program allows the capture of any type of video without having to configure RGB options in the players.

Within the capture there are 12 established models that vary from the capture of a window, to that of a scrolling website or only the text of a website, to name just a few. But if none of the models suits your needs, the program has quite high notions of capture configuration.

Once you have your capture, you can use the editor to add effects, text or an element or to touch up certain details that alter the quality of the image. This editor can be used for any image even if it has not been previously imported, so it makes SnagIt a very useful editor.

Finally, the program includes a practical photo organizer so that you have them all sorted by categories and a converter that provides a very useful function: converting several photos at the same time into the same format. All this and much more in a simple program, quite easy to use and full of options to work with your favorite images.


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