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There is no person under the age of 25 on this planet who does not know what it is Snapchat. This image-based instant messaging app has been a revolution among the youngest smartphone users, taking its meteoric success to going public and even trying to be bought by Facebook (a succulent offer that its creators did not hesitate to reject for continue to maintain its independence and establish itself as one of the most annoying for Mark Zuckerberg’s social empire).

Photo-based messaging

And it is that the revolutionary thing about the app is that compared to obsolete of having to write text to communicate, allows its users to send images from their mobile to say what they have to say, thus conquering millions of users around the world for both Android and iPhone. Well, photos and any image in reality such as drawings or short videos with the particular property that they disappear after 10 seconds … although the user himself can decide from the settings how long he wants them to last.

Well, we know that sometimes it is uncomfortable to have to communicate solely and exclusively with the mobile … app developers such as WhatsApp or Telegram already realized in their day and created web and desktop versions of their services so as not to have to give up our productivity. And although there is no version of Snapchat official for PC yes that we have the way to use it from the computer. Just click the button Descargar and you can count on BlueStacks together with the APK: you just have to do login with your user credentials and voila.

Main features

The main functions and features of this version for Windows do not differ from those of the smartphone:

  • Send drawings, videos and images to your contacts (you can get them from your PC).
  • Apply filters and effects to the photos you send.
  • Share messages in an ephemeral way with your friends or in groups.
  • Follow the stories of your friends or other users, be they anonymous or famous.
  • Set the time during which you want your message to be visible.
  • Receive alerts when the photos you send are captured by the recipient of the messages.

The impact of this application has been such that it has become an accepted way for many young people and adolescents to communicate, even creating a disruption in the way they use social networks: we find that these pass from Facebook and Twitter. This has led to what we mentioned above, to an attempted purchase by Facebook, Inc.

For this reason, this company counterattacks with Instagram, which has been incorporating several successful functions of Snapchat, like their Stories, to try to compete with her on her own ground.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

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