Snappybook 0.3.10 – Download Free

Would you like to have a book compilation with the best photographs of your travels? Have you thought about making a book with the images of the first years of your little one’s life? Well, this is possible!

Create and personalize your photo albums

There are many alternatives for the creation of our own photobooks and photo gifts. To this end, companies offer a software specific that makes the task of creating these original albums much easier. One of these alternatives is Snappybook.

Snappybook provides an easy way to collect our favorite images. The main advantage of this application is its flexibility, allowing you to choose various book formats in portrait, or even panoramic, and allowing the use of a large number of predefined templates,over 4000 templates to choose from! In this way, you will get a totally original and personalized design.

Other options available to you Snappybook are the red-eye correction in photos and automatic image enhancement. Once the job is finished, it allows you to export a preview in PDF format.

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