Sonic Visualiser 4.3 – Download Free

Sonic Visualize It allows carefully and accurately analyze the content of all types of audio files, especially that of music files. And, although music is intended to be enjoyed without further ado, there are many sound professionals who try to go further when it comes to studying sound pieces, trying to break down all components of acoustic engineering present in it.

A laboratory tool

This software will be of great use to sound engineers, researchers in the signals processing, people dedicated to musicology, students or anyone interested in knowing what is behind a song.


  • Compatible with formats WAV, OGG y MP3.
  • Take a closer look at waveforms songs using different views.
  • Enter analysis data at any point or segment in the song.
  • Analyze data in multiple time resolutions simultaneously.
  • Run every kind of plugins: detection of beats, tones …
  • Import notes from MIDI files, watch them alongside other frequency ranges and play them alongside the original audio.
  • Select parts of the audio and play them in loops without fissures.
  • Makes time stretch about your songs: precisely speed up or slow down the playback speed.
  • Export audio regions.
  • Multiprocess application: get the most out of your hardware.

Sonic Visualize It has been developed under the GNU license by the Center for Digital Music belonging to the University of London. With it in your hands you will have a perfect tool for data comparison.

Although its purpose is eminently educational, a interface similar to those of other commercial programs audio processing. If you have previously used this kind of software, you will soon become familiar with it. Download Sonic Visualize free and professionally analyze your music collection.

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