Spark AR Studio v103 for Windows

Spark AR Studio is a program for Windows with which we can create attractive effects and filters in augmented reality that we will later share on social networks. Specifically, these designs will be prepared to be integrated into the Instagram and Facebook cameras.

Learning to use Spark AR Studio thoroughly requires some advanced 3D modeling and design skills. However, the program itself incorporates templates with which it will be easy for us to make some other creation even if we do not have experience in this field.

Spark AR Studio’s interface is adapted so that at all times we create effects adapted to the medium in which they will be integrated. This is why we will have a window with the proportions of the main smartphones on the market. In this way we will be able to visualize the results based on the screens in which they will later be displayed.

With Spark AR Studio making original filters and effects for our Instagram and Facebook Stories will be quite intuitive. We will only need some technical knowledge and a lot of desire to start embedding layers and simulations of materials and lights to obtain truly amazing results.


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