Speccy 5.6 for Windows – Download

One of the most popular 8-bit computers during the 1980s and early 1990s was Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum. Nostalgic people can now recall those memories thanks to the Speccy emulator that allows us to play video games on that platform from our current PC with Windows operating system, including classics such as Fred, La Abadía del Crimen or Mad Mix.

Speccy is capable of emulating most of the Spectrum models released, both the 48, 128 and 48k versions as well as the more modern +2 and +3. It is also capable of emulating hardware devices such as mice, printers, or joysticks. The file formats that can be loaded are the following: Z80, SNA, TAP, TZX, FDI, TRD and SCL, although the load will not be instantaneous since it is carried out with the same speed as that required to read from cassette tapes.

The program also allows us to convert the input signal into a MIDI sequence, allowing our loads to be digitally saved to digital format for later loading, something especially useful if we are reading games directly from the cassette tapes themselves through a audio input port.


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