Speedify Download (2020 Latest Version) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Speedify is the world’s leading mobile VPN! Speedify makes it easy to work on complex technology under the hood with simple setup and “working” controls. Programs and services function as normal, but benefit from the speed and redundancy of multiple Internet connections. Use Wi-Fi (even multiple Wi-Fi networks), Ethernet, Cable and DSL, 3G and 4G, connected smartphones, at the same time for their combined speed and reliability! Manually select the desired location or let Speedify automatically connect you to the best server based on latency and availability. Once connected, Speed ​​Server intelligently handles traffic to and from your various Internet connections to deliver faster speeds.

Don’t let the fact that we are a “mobile VPN” scare you off. “Mobile” here means that we can switch between Internet connections without missing a beat. It’s still the best VPN for desktops, for the same reasons.

Speedify Features:

Faster file transfers
Upload, download and share at full speed. Even if you lose connectivity on one of your internet connections, Speedify keeps your transfer until both connections are available again.

Secure browsing
Speedify prevents hackers, ISPs, and anyone monitoring the network from viewing your communications, information, or personal data.

Non-stop streaming
Tired of buffering? Watch all the content you want from any country in the world, at blazing speeds and in high resolution.

House in sight
Living in a rural or suburban area where high-speed internet just isn’t offered? With Speedify you can combine several low speed connections into one faster and more reliable one! Learn more

Big city life
Can’t afford to be offline? With Speedify you can use multiple high-speed Internet connections at the same time, and if one of them moves your traffic automatically and smoothly it will move to the other (s).

Region-Locked or Overseas
Do you need to connect to the Internet in another country or as if you were at home? Simply select a Speed ​​Server in your desired country and enjoy the speed and reliability of all your available Internet connections combined.

Packet-level traffic splitting
By using a technology known as channel linking Speedify makes it possible to separate individual packets between multiple Internet connections. By splitting all your web traffic at the packet level, even large one-time socket transfers like VPN, movie streaming, and file uploads and downloads can give you a bigger speed boost!

Red Mundial de Speed ​​Servers
The Speedify client software establishes a connection with one of our Speed ​​Servers in the cloud, which acts as an intermediary between you and the rest of the Internet. The client then works in tandem with the Speed ​​Server to intelligently divide its Internet traffic and deliver the combined speed of all available Internet connections.

Packet loss and bug fixes
Speedify uses a variety of techniques like Forward Error Correction to fix lost and corrupted packets before they have a chance to slow down your Internet experience.

Failover protection
Did you disconnect from one of your connections? No problem! Speedify converts your traffic to your work connection (s), preventing minor service interruptions from creating major headaches.

Redundant mode
Have a jittery, leaky, or unreliable internet connection? In redundant mode, Speedify can double the performance of even a single connection when packets are downloaded and significantly reduce latency when using multiple connections.

Connection priority
With one click, you can configure Speedify to use only your 4G phone, Mobile Hotspot, or other expensive or data-limited internet connections when free options like Wi-Fi or Ethernet are congested or unavailable.

Note: 1 GB of free bandwidth per month.

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