Splash Pro 2.7.0 for Windows

Splash Pro is a video player oriented to high definition, which will allow us to enjoy a much higher image quality than what we are used to in the classic videos or movies downloaded from the Internet.

Thanks to the extensive list of video configuration options that we have at our disposal, we can alter the parameters such as brightness, contrast or saturation to achieve a purer and sharper image.

However, the most interesting function of Splash Pro is energy saving, which will allow us to consume much less while we are playing any movie. Something that although on a desktop PC ‘only’ will save us a few cents on the bill, on a laptop it can make a difference.

Splash Pro is a very complete player that will allow us to alter the appearance of the image, load subtitles, or configure the audio system to our liking. In short, a whole powerhouse for movie viewing.


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