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The Sims were a revolution in the world of video games. Will Wright is its creator, but neither short nor lazy has he launched into the development of another title that goes even further. ¿What if, instead of a boring human life, you develop an entire civilization from scratch? It is just what it proposes to you Spore.

An excellent Darwinian experiment.

Expand your borders

Spore, like The Sims, is a strategy game and life simulation with a peculiarity: it imitates the evolution of species. You will start out as a small aquatic bacterium that must survive in the environment and then move to the ground and become the dominant species.

It is in your hands to decide how the creatures evolve, which on the other hand you can design yourself. He manages to increase his intelligence over the generations and develop your civilization, go out into the outside world to conquer other civilizations and planets and become the owner and lord of the galaxy.

Features of Spore

  • Includes a species editor.
  • It covers different stages: cell, creature, tribe, civilization and space.
  • More than 50,000 planets to explore.

See everything that awaits you in the adventure of Spore with its trial version.Dare to form your own civilization!

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