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Imagine having one of the largest music catalogs at your disposal to listen to on your desktop or laptop. Spotify is a popular free application for online music streaming via streaming that has ended up imposing itself against the competition with the passage of time and the use of millions of users around the world.

It has an immense catalog of music backed by the main record companies and countless independent labels, all perfectly searchable thanks to its excellent search engine. Another way to enjoy the catalog is by using its radio classified by genre and date or by subscribing to any of the thousands of playlists available, both official and created by users from around the world.

The program allows the creation of playlists, playback in random order, the possibility of repeating the playlist, paused, shows the album covers and integration with ‘’. In addition, despite being a streaming music playback service, Spotify allows you to listen to any song from a specific point and even offers the option of also playing your local files from this same application.

One of the great advantages of Spotify in its latest versions is the use of applications and add-ons that offer the possibility of enjoying a complete experience when it comes to enjoying our favorite music catalog. In addition, we will even have the option of creating personalized radios from a song or a playlist, which will guarantee that we will always enjoy songs adapted to our tastes.

The best music players for Android

One of the functions that the smartphone best fulfills is to serve as a music player. We don’t have to carry our MP3 files everywhere and we can listen to our favorite songs on the device, either because we have them downloaded or because we listen to them online. Today we collect the best music player apps for Android so that you can listen to your favorite groups from your device whenever you need it.
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Spotify launches a new official app to listen to online radios

Spotify is looking for new ways to get its music catalog to users. Spotify Stations is the name of its new official application totally independent from the base client, which allows you to listen to thematic online radios through a very simplified interface compared to its older brother. A version that at the moment is no more than an experiment but that we can now download for Android devices.

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Spotify adds a timer to its Android app

There are many occasions when we lie in bed listening to music from our smartphone. There are also many times when, without realizing it, we have fallen asleep with the sound activated. For this reason Spotify has presented an interesting novelty, in its application for Android, with which we can program the pause of what we are playing. It is a very useful timer that will allow us to stop listening after a defined time.

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Requires a free registration on The free accounts are limited by the possibility of including sound announcements from time to time. The service is available in the UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain and France.

The new version includes a total redesign of the application towards a much more modern style, with black as the main protagonist.


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