Spytify 1.8 – Download Free

Certain users refuse to admit that the downloads have died. It is a thousand times more comfortable to use streaming legal to enjoy our favorite music or series and movies that we download and occupy memory of our devices. Spotify is the music platform par excellence, with millions of active users and more hours of music than we could enjoy in several lifetimes, and now these users will be able to access it.

Those reluctant to advance will be able to enjoy all this music without abandoning the MP3 thanks to Spytify. It is a small software capable of recording (not downloading) all the tracks that sound on Spotify. We differentiate ‘record’ from ‘download’ because for this software to work properly, the song must be played in its entirety so that it can be recorded on our hard drive, so it is not a quick process.

Spytify Features

Although the process is not as fast as it could be, its operation is more than correct and its options allow the user to have all the music they want with good quality, as long as they have time:

  • Allows you to record the songs that are played from Spotify.
  • He is able to differentiate each track and separate them into different tracks.
  • Allows you to configure the output format between MP3 and WAV and the bit rate.
  • It does not record the advertising that plays between songs.
  • The software allows you to group songs by folders according to artist or album.

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