Star Conflict 1.8.0 – Download Free

What we find in Star Conflict it’s a simulator free to play of spaceships. We will take part in an interplanetary conflict and we will do so aboard a combat spaceship, being able to move freely throughout the galaxy and face other users in battles in real time. A game that takes place in the future, in a remote area of ​​the galaxy where the remains of an ancient civilization ravaged by war are found.

Be part of an interstellar war

The game offers us the ability to control an entire fleet of combat shipsFrom light scouts to gigantic space frigates armed to the teeth. We can go out into open space and explore the ends of the galaxy, traveling around different space colonies and creating our own. Team up with other players and team up with them to subdue others.

These are the main features that we will find in this game:

  • PvP battles in dozens of different scenarios.
  • PvE missions.
  • Modo sandbox.
  • More than a hundred ships of all kinds.
  • Take on up to 9 different tactical roles.
  • Adapt your strategy to the type of ship you pilot since each one offers its own characteristics.
  • Team up with other players.
  • Complete missions and unlock ships and abilities.

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