Start Menu 8 for Windows

The versions of Windows 8 and 8.1 arrived without the traditional start button of previous versions of the operating system, so some users encountered quite a few problems accessing some functions and options they were used to. For this type of people, Start Menu 8 appears, a tool with which we can bring back access to the start menu in the place it has always occupied and with the same appearance as previous versions.

Start Menu 8 modifies the modern Windows interface, allowing us to start the computer directly with the previous image of the operating system. Our PC will have the same appearance as the Windows 7 menu but with all the new options of the version we use.

Although this program is intended to give us back access to the button in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, it is also valid for Windows 7, XP and Vista if we wish to modify the start menu that is incorporated. From the settings, we can apply more than a dozen different shapes to the button, including all the system icons and other fun figures such as a little pig or the V for Vendetta mask.

On the other hand, we can also configure all the shortcuts that are displayed when opening the menu, so that we can not only change the appearance but also the way in which we have access to all the important information and programs. Ultimately, Start Menu 8 is one of the best home button replacements that we can find today.

What’s New

+ Fully compatible with the latest version of Windows 10 to seamlessly switch between Windows Classic Start Menu and Windows 10 Start Menu
+ Smoother Start Menu launch with less use of system resources for better customer experience
+ Auto Update feature added to get latest version more quickly and conveniently
+ Search engine optimized to get more complete and faster results
* The error of opening windows by automatic minimization in some Windows 10 system has been fixed
* Fixed the occasional failure to launch the Start Menu in Windows 10
* 37 languages ​​are supported


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