StartIsBack 2.9.8 – Download Free

Changes are not always welcome. StartIsBack is a program that returns the menu and the Start button to Windows 8 as it is known in Windows 7, the previous version of Microsoft’s OS.

Reluctant to change

Among the novelties of Windows 8, the disappearance of the Start menu and the corresponding button is one of the most annoying things for its users. Install StartIsBack and you can recover both elements.

StartIsBack features

  • Always log in from the traditional desktop.
  • Restores the original Windows 7 Start menu with all its functions and new styles.
  • It strikes a balance between the traditional desktop interface and the new Metro interface.
  • Usa StartIsBack without installing additional programs and without having administrator privileges.
  • Configure the appearance and behavior of your menu.

Make Windows 8 work like Windows 7 by eliminating what is possibly the most annoying change between the two operating systems: the disappearance of the Start button and menu. Download StartIsBack and improve the usability of the system and your productivity at work.

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