StaxRip Download (2021 Latest version) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Do you want to extract video content from your Blu-ray or DVD discs? If so, you can do it with an innovative tool called StaxRip. It has a number of demuxers, muxers, encoders, and decoders that make movie extraction possible. Not only that, but it can also convert the copied content into a variety of different formats. Choose a format that is easy to use for the device you want to play on, such as Xbox, iPhone, or PC.

The only features you need on your device are the .NET Framework and DirectX. StaxRip files can be extracted to any folder. Just run the executable file in the folder to get started. You can run the application from any storage area, be it from your hard drive or your hard drive pen. The good thing about this application is that it will not modify the Windows registry at all.

Choose the output profile

The Stax Rip interface doesn’t look like something special. The appearance is pretty standard, so it will be easy to understand. First choose the output profile, such as XviD, Xbox 360, WebM, PS3, iPhone, iPad, DivX Plus or x264. Each profile template is designed with enhanced settings to suit the playback of that specific device. Alternatively, the encoding mode can be selected between a reduced file size with poorer video quality or a larger file size with better video quality.

On the bright side, each setting can be customized if you wish. Just choose the appropriate image filters, such as size, noise, cropped edges and deinterlacing, and resolution height and width. Also, choose the specific device you’ll be using and the quality level you want.

Rip movie content

The application allows you to extract content from DVD movies, Blu-ray discs or Blu-ray folders. Just use the MakeMV function to do this. And if you have normal video files in formats like .mov, .avi or .mpg, you can convert them too. This can be done in batch or from the folders or directories that contain those video clips. And if you want to combine multiple videos into one file, you can too.

When you are working on a project in the application, you can save the project as its own file. Then you can simply open the file to resume your project at any time. Media files can be previewed, multitasking batch runs can be performed, and you can manage encoders, decoders, demuxers, muxers, and filters. You can even change expert settings for routes, subtitles, audio, images, filters, reminders, and compressibility checks.


When we tested the consumption of RAM and CPU, it came out fair. StaxRip was fast at completing conversion tasks and did not cause the operating system to create error dialogs or have hang or hang symptoms. The biggest downside of the tool is that it is geared more toward advanced users than beginners. But if you want a powerful movie ripping tool, you will find great strength in this one.

Features and highlights

  • Easy to use
  • Well documented
  • Very versatile and customizable.
  • Reasonable defaults for filters and codecs
  • Rich help system including online help (wizard), context sensitive help
  • Bug tracking and support system.
  • Extensive and convenient trim / clipping facilities for tasks like removing ads
  • Job List and Batch Processing
  • Required third-party applications can be easily managed, integrated and downloaded
  • Automatic internet updates
  • AviSynth works for excellent video quality and rich source format support

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